Sign Guy Policies

GSpirit LLC, (DBA) The SignGuyCT, Residential Sign Policies 7/6/19

1)  Placing an Order 
Orders must be placed on our website or phone App using our automated online order system. This ensures the accuracy of your order and allows you to track and monitor the status of past and present orders. You will receive a confirmation email when your order is placed and a text message the moment your sign is installed.  Sign Installation orders are billed on a per sign basis. Multiple signs on the same property are charged as an additional sign order.

Next Day Service:
SignGuyCT, will make every attempt to complete your order within twenty-four hours or one business day from receipt of order, 2 days max!  Orders can be placed 24 hours a day, however… Orders received after 6:00 AM will be considered as received next business day.  For example; orders received BEFORE 6:00 AM on Friday will be installed on Friday; orders received AFTER 6:00 AM on Friday will be installed on Monday.    

An exception to our Next Day Service policy would be hazardous weather conditions.  We typically work under most conditions but depending on the severity of weather work may be halted and not resumed until conditions are deemed safe.

Advanced Orders: 
If an order is placed stating that it can’t be done until a specific date, we will make every attempt to install or remove on the specified date.

Priority Orders: 
If an order requires priority attention and can be fit it into our scheduling, there may be a surcharge in addition to the standard fee.

Agent Responsibility: 
a) Agents must verify with the property owner, tenants or association, that a sign can be installed.  If we arrive at the property location and are told (for whatever reason) that a sign cannot be installed, a service charge may be incurred. 
b) Agents must verify that there is a location for the sign to be installed before placing the order.  We cannot install post in concrete, asphalt, brick, or any solid surface.  If there is no location to install a post safely, we may attempt to hang just a panel on the house, fence, or other appropriate location.  If there is no safe place to hang the panel a sign will not be installed, and a service change will be incurred. 

Please Note:
a) SignGuyCT employees cannot climb fences to install post.
b) Lots, land, and new construction sites should be marked for sign location.
c) If sign location is not clearly marked, SignGuyCT installer will use best judgment to determine sign location. 
d) Sign location should be at least 4 feet away from sidewalks and driveways.
e) In most towns throughout New England, real estate signs are not allowed between the sidewalk and the curb.  This is considered town property. 
f) Removal orders should be placed in a timely manner to insure the return of signs and posts. 
g) If we go to remove a sign and the sign is missing, a Service Fee will be charged.  If the pole is not located within one week, agent will be responsible for replacement cost. 
h) If an order is received that is outside our service area SignGuyCT has the right to decline order or add a surcharge.  Orders outside our service area are not included in our next day/24hr completion policy.
i) SignGuyCT reserves the right to discontinue service. 

2) Repair Orders:
Repairs due to extreme weather conditions (high winds, winter storms, heavy rainstorms, etc.) vandalism, or owner removal, will be charged based on each situation from a partial to full install charge.

3) Sign Panels & Riders 
SignGuyCT will take care of storing and keeping inventory of your sign panels for you.  Your sign panel inventory is available 24hr’s a day online.  We will monitor your inventory and alert you when inventory gets low.  We reserve the right to discard any panel or rider that we consider to be in poor condition or unusable.  

  • One FREE Sign Rider will be made available at the time of install.
  • Additional Riders can be added at the time of installation for an additional $3.00
  • Riders added to a sign already in the field will incur a $15.00 service charge, plus $2.00 for the Rider.
  • Panels and riders are collected when signs are removed. There is no extra fee for storing them.  We will not be responsible for lost, stolen or broken panels and riders.
  • If requested, we can pick up or deliver panels or riders to your office for a $15.00 service charge. 
  • All riders should be marked with your name to assure their return.

4) Incorrect or Incomplete Orders
The quality of our service is based on the information we receive from you.  It’s important that we receive clear, concise information; the house number, street, town, color & style of home or building must be provided.  The color or description is very important as it helps us to verify the location.  Our 24hr turn around policy begins when all of the correct information is received.  If we travel to the address provided and are unable to confirm the location based on the information given, a service charge will be added.

5) Lost or Damaged Posts
Agents are responsible for insuring the return of the posts in good condition.  Damages are usually avoided by calling in removals the day of the closing or expiration of listing agreement.  Loss or damage to posts may result in a charge of $35.00 – $50.00 depending on what type of pole is used.

6) Permission for Right to enter property / Damage Waiver 
Placing an order with SignGuyCT gives permission for our installers to enter that property to complete the job.  With this permission comes the knowledge that we will be installing, repairing, removing or modifying a real estate sign order.  
The SignGuyCT team uses every precaution when performing an installation.  However, it is impossible to see underground piping such as sprinkler systems, gas lines, dog fences, cable TV lines, utility lines, etc.; damage to any of these will be the responsibility of the agent, or the agent’s office.  It is the responsibility of the real estate agent and/or homeowner to determine if approvals are needed from utility companies or if call before you dig needs to be brought in to mark any underground utilities.  If approvals are required, this must be done prior to placing your sign order.  SignGuyCT does not contact homeowners directly for location information.  If no marker is provided, our installer will assume that all underground obstacles are below the 24 inches required for installation.  We are not responsible for any damages made to underground objects and if we are charged for such damages, we reserve the right to bill the agent or agent’s office for the damages.

7) Payments 
Payment is due in full on the day the order is completed. If we do not have your payment information on file, a request for payment information will be sent upon completion of your first sign order. All future orders will be billed to this account. If for whatever reason payment is not made or the card is declined, payment must be made within 7 days of receipt of invoice. Interest on past due amounts will be charged at 18%. If payment is not received within 7 days from the billing date, work may be suspended until payment is received. The 24hr turn around policy for sign installation, repair, and removal, does not apply if your account is 7 days past due. If past due bills are sent to a collection agency, or court action is required to collect money, a $500.00 collection fee, court costs, and other fees may be charged.   

SignGuyCT invoices each work order on an as completed basis.  For example; an invoice for $35.00 will be created when the sign is installed.  Repairs, additional riders, etc. will also be billed when work is performed. 

SignGuyCT reserves the right to remove any or all installed signs if past due invoice(s) are not paid in full within 7 days after the invoice date. The customer will still be responsible for all charges even if signs are removed due to non-payment.

8) Termination of Agreement 
Should you, your office or SignGuyCT choose to discontinue service, a written termination of services agreement may be faxed to the respective party’s office.  Signs remaining in the field will be removed but may remain up for 30 days past the termination date.  Unpaid balances will incur an 18% per month interest fee.  Arrangements will be made for the pickup or delivery of your sign panels, riders, and any other office-owned equipment only after all due and past due invoices are paid in full.  

9) Inactive Customers 
If there are no transactions by a customer for a period of 3 months or more, and there is no notification of termination of services, or correspondence between SignGuyCT and customer, SignGuyCT reserves the right to remove all standing signs and discard all panels and riders.  Missing posts will be billed to the customer.

10) Policy Term 
From date of acceptance, which is the date this document is signed by you or your company, or from the date from which you agreed to our Terms of Service, in the sign order form, when a sign order was placed, until terminated by you, your company, or SignGuyCT in writing.